APS UK Ltd specialise in the design and installation of dust and fume extraction systems and pneumatic conveying systems.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge, APS UK Ltd offer a full service, from consultation, design and installation, through to commissioning and after sales care.

Our economical and innovative solutions have benefited a number of major companies, using the best available technology and concentrating on the provision of the right solution at a great price.

In addition we are also approved suppliers and stockists of the Lorandi range of products, and approved distributors of respected and quality filtration unit manufacturers.

Dust Extraction

Effective dust extraction (dust control) reduces waste and brings more value to your business. This means fewer working days lost to the harmful effects of dust, increased production yields through the recovery of raw materials and better protection for plant and machinery to avoid costly maintenance and downtime.

With ever increasing emphasis on environmental pollution, associated regulations and legislation means that effective dust extraction measures have become a vital consideration for the manufacturing industries.

We have vast experience in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke dust extraction solutions including, but not exclusive to:

Biomass Dust Extraction; Pharmaceutical dust Extraction; Chemical Powder Dust Extraction; Plastics and Polymers dust Extraction; Food Processing Dust Extraction; Foundry Dust Extraction, Wood Dust Extraction and Paper Dust Extraction.

Pneumatic Conveying

Our pneumatic conveying designs include the supply of handling systems for the transfer of pellets, edge trims, food and finished/waste products.

We promote a proven and comprehensive range of pneumatic and mechanical conveying systems and offer services including the following:

A pneumatic handling range consisting of both positive and negative pressure systems. All the equipment is modular in design and the range includes fan units (high and low pressure designs), venturi feeders, quick release ducting, cyclones and rotary valves. A full range of specialised equipment covering Dust Filtration, grading/de-dusting, hopper loading, weighing and vibratory feeders.

Ductwork, quick release or other, in sizes ranging from 80mm to 1000mm, and manufactured in either galvanised or stainless steel (suitable for the conveying of food products, primary packaging and high grade chemicals).

Trim Extraction

To ensure maximum output and maintain a clean unobstructed work area, the immediate removal of this waste at source is an essential requirement which is where our trim extraction service comes into play.

APS specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of production waste handling systems. Whether you are involved with paper, board, foil, tissue, sticky waste or plastic film, we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to provide you with the solution.

APS waste systems are able to collect production waste from almost any source, whether it is from a winder, knife trimmer, printing press or simply swept waste from the floor.

Solutions can be tailored to suit your needs and priorities. Taking into consideration your budget, space and timescale we will formulate a trim extraction solution for you.

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