AML Instruments


AML Instruments, a family-owned calibration and instrumentation company, was founded by brothers Alex and David Leeson. Since acquiring Hanatek's calibration business in 2012, AML has evolved into a significant player in the U.K. and international markets for instrumentation and calibration services.

Alex Leeson, with over two decades of experience in metrology and calibration, first honed his skills in aerospace before specializing in the paper, packaging, and plastics industries. David Leeson, holding a Master’s in manufacturing engineering from prestigious universities, brings his expertise from working in Formula One engineering and in the U.S. dental industry.

AML Instruments is distinguished by its commitment to quality and professional growth. The company holds UKAS ISO 17025 accreditation specifically in Scales and Balances, and ISO 9001 certification, reflecting their dedication to maintaining high standards in calibration and quality management. The company's journey includes significant milestones like becoming an approved member of the UK Weighing Federation and acquiring Carisbrooke Instrument Services.

They represent leading brands like Technidyne, RollTest, AcquiData, Oakland Instruments, and Techlab Systems, expanding their offerings in testing equipment and laboratory automation software. AML's growth trajectory has been marked by continuous expansion, both in terms of facilities and capabilities.

They have moved to larger premises, built bespoke laboratory spaces, and constantly upgraded their services. This includes becoming an official agent for Doser Messtechnik, Dycometal, REA barcode verifiers, X-Sight, and Besmak, broadening their range in environmental chambers, barcode verification, video extensometers, and materials testing machines.

With a team of highly skilled engineers trained under the Leeson brothers' expertise, AML Instruments prides itself on offering efficient, friendly, and professional services. Their trajectory from acquiring Hanatek in 2012 to becoming a key supplier and service provider demonstrates a steadfast commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction in the calibration and instrumentation industry.


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