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Assemtron is an innovation led business that combines engineering and design services with its in-house manufacture and assembly of electronics and electro-mechanical products.

Working with our clients in close collaboration we help to design and deliver new products and rejuvinate exisiting products. The process includes software development and Internet-Of-Things (IOT) technologies to help create connected devices for the modern world.

Certified to ISO13485 and ISO9001 the company works closely with universities and industrial clients across a range of sectors. These include medical, automotive, aerospace, industrial and consumer related projects.

Clients may have exisiting designs and are seeking a contract manufacturing partner; others may require an innovative product development from the initial idea through to a market ready, tested product.

Assemtron provides a sustained manufacturing operation from component sourcing to scheduled deliveries for a number of customers. The design team also create electronics, enclosures and firmware for development projects that may evolve through a number of iterations before entering the market. 

"It's the innovative and flexible approach that has led to the company working with a number of universities and technology centres. We enjoy the variety and technical challenges that come with cutting edge development."  

Through the close working relationships Assemtron employs students and graduates and sponsors student projects in innovative areas that combine plastic mouldings and engineering materials with circuit designs and software.

The company partners with specialist firms and universities in complimentary areas to offer full product development.

This often includes leading edge 3d printing, forming and processing of engineering materials to encapsulate electronic devices.

Over the years the company has developed skills in product certification (CE/CA,ESD and EMC testing) and can assist in desigining and qualifiying products for sale in different parts of the world.

The development team has accumulated  many years in product design and manufacture and can draw on this expertise to augument your design.

If you are seeking a development partner to launch a new product or a term contractor that can produce your products and components here in the UK then we would like to hear from you.

Manufacturing Scale UP – Keeping It Local

Assemtron specialises in collaborative projects that help you transition from prototype devices to their regular production.

The company has a wealth of experience in scaling up and matching the manufacturing processes to the projected volumes.

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