Bevan Group


Manufacturing was where Bevan Group started in 1976 and it has since grown to be one of our largest services.

We are commercial vehicle bodybuilders that manufacture more than 60 vehicle bodies every week, putting innovation, efficiency, and longevity at the forefront of our work. This, combined with our team’s wide-ranging skill set and expert training, enables us to deliver vehicle bodies for a variety of purposes and clients.

With 120,000 square feet of capacity across five modern facilities, we provide commercial vehicle bodies to sole traders and blue chip companies alike.

One of our responsibilities as commercial body builders is to ensure every vehicle is checked and tested rigorously. We always welcome clients to our production centers to see Bevan in action.

A Unique Service for Midlands Industry

We know what drives the commercial vehicle industry and we understand the needs of our customers.

The combined effort of our business divisions ensures that our customers receive a unique package of quality and service that is unavailable elsewhere in the market.

Ultimately, Bevan Group prides ourselves on our personal approach, our attention to detail and our high quality of service.


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