Filtermist Limited


Established in Shropshire in 1969, Filtermist’s ethos is to protect people by ensuring cleaner, safer, more productive working environments. Part of the Swedish Absolent Air Care Group, Filtermist provides an extensive range of products and services designed to ensure the air in production facilities is free from contaminants including oil mist, oil smoke, dust, fume and VOCs so employees breathe clean, safe air and employers stay compliant with both Health and Safety Executive and Environmental Regulations. In addition to the product brands Filtermist manufactures in the UK which include Filtermist oil mist filters, Dustcheck wet and dry dust control solutions, and Kerstar industrial vacuum cleaners, Filtermist also offers a turnkey service that includes everything from initial consultation and project planning, to extraction system design, installation, commissioning, service, LEV testing and aftersales of spares and consumables for customers in a wide range of industries including engineering, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and many more.


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