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Hoffmann Group UK: Europe's leading system partner for quality tools, workstations and PPE with over 90,000 products available! A smooth and efficient procurement and production process is a critical factor in your commercial success.

If you are wondering how to improve your procurement and production process, just ask us.

Why? We listen to you. We think like you do. We think ahead. And we make your challenges our challenges. When we create solutions, we're always thinking about how they will benefit you.

Our whole company ethos is built on making our customers more successful by increasing productivity and simplifying the procurement of industrial tooling and equipment. We have a tried and tested formula for successful cost reduction, which very briefly consists of three pillars:

Increased productivity
Simple procurement
Increased efficiency

As a customer of the Hoffmann Group, you stand to benefit from the unique combination of skills we offer thanks to our areas of excellence: trading, manufacturing, and service.

We offer a whole range of products and services that ensure you can partner with us and be confident we can supply anything required within 30 feet of your workstations, whether production, assembly or something else altogether. Our catalogue contains over 90,000 products from over 500 manufacturers and is available as an app, online or a physical hard copy in 4 volumes.

Cutting and Grinding
Hand Tools
Power Tools
Workstations and Storage
Workshop Accessories and Consumables
Personal Protective Equipment
Spill Control



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