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Our beautiful Art Deco home dates back to the 1920s and has had many owners over throughout the years embedding its walls with a rich British Automotive history. Throughout this time, product development and engineering innovation have consistently remained a focus, ingraining a forward-thinking and inventive attitude into our company culture.

Our site has housed many automotive highlights such as being the centre for Triumph Le Mans racing team during the 1950’s; then between 1960-1980 accommodating Triumph’s prototyping division.  During the 1980’s, MGA developments manufactured iconic cars such as McLaren’s F1 concept car and the Bentley Java concept car.  Lotus Prototype Cars manufactured the M250 here in the 1990’s followed by HPL taking ownership in 2000. At HPL, we are committed to continuing this ground-breaking spirit and maintain to stay at the forefront of Automotive engineering.


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