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At LG Davis, we are passionate about taking the hassle out of print, workwear, office supplies and branded merchandise, leaving customers free to get on with what matters in their business.

Across our 60 year history, we’ve known the only way to help customers is to really listen to their needs. This means we’re able to get to the heart of what customers are looking for, and we place emphasis on providing creative ideas that make every business stand out. 

Creative, innovative and efficient: it’s not just our motto, it runs through the heart of our business. To us, no customer is ever just a number. We take the time to get to know each business and offer bespoke solutions that really work. 

Complicated tasks should always have simple solutions, and at LG Davis we’re here to help you find them.

So, who are we?

  • People first

We are printers with heart. Based in Birmingham everything we do is about taking the hassle out of your everyday role. From taking old office furniture away for you after an office refurbishment to innovative solutions to the most complex issues we make the everyday extraordinary.

  • Leading the industry

Committed to supporting the next generation of printers. LG Davis may have started as a print shop but we are so much more than just print. Working alongside Aston University we are innovators in our field.

  •  Apprenticeships and training

Committed to supporting the next generation of workers in the industry we are also passionate about encouraging and training apprentices to bring new ideas and growth to the industry. With 6 decades of knowledge in the industry we are dedicated to creating the next generation of innovation in our industry.

  • Environmental

We actively seek to reduce our effect on the environment making greener choices where we can. Our aim is always to create a lasting impression while leaving the smallest footprint on our environment.

  • Committed to best practice

We hold ISO14001 certification which is the international standard for environmental management and acknowledges our commitment to effective waste control, the use of sustainable and recycled materials and the reduction of harmful emissions.

  • Saving trees and paper

As a paper heavy industry, we are keen to play our part in making sure that the industry is sustainable and cares for the environment.

We are proud to be part of the Forestry Stewardship and only use FSC assured paper products making sure that our paper is sourced from well-maintained woodland resources.

We also donate waste paper stocks to local schools so that they can be reused and take care to recycle where we can.

  • Renewable energy

Our roof is covered in solar panels which offset our carbon footprint and means our workshop is part powered by renewable energy.

We believe every little step can make a big difference to the environment

​Want to find out more about how we could support your business? Contact the team on 0121 4309000 for more information. [email protected]






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