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You make promises to others - we help you to keep them

We are the UK's most technically advanced provider of powder coating and passivation services for aluminium products.

All of our clients are at the top of their respective industries, be it automotive, aerospace interiors, medical or defence. They rely on us, not only for the high quality finishes we provide but also for the technical knowledge and input we can have in the design stages of their products.

Key services 

INTRICOAT - for making precision machined components even more beautiful. 

Intricate components require very precise areas of surface coating, often defined by masking schemes. We can design these schemes with you to a very high degree of accuracy on a 3D CAD system, meaning that potential pitfalls can be ruled out at the design stage before any prototypes need to be made.

Coating thicknesses and tolerances will require careful measurement and monitoring. Specialist coatings and primers may be required. Every angle of every component will need to be scrutinised before it leaves our plant. INTRICOAT brings all of these disciplines together in a dedicated facility

TiZr passivation pre-treatment for clean metal, aluminium adhesive bonding and welding

We have been using the latest Gardobond® chrome-free pre-treatment systems for over a decade. This is a TiZr (Titanium zirconium) passivation process applied to aluminium components ( cast, extruded or formed) to enhance adhesive durability for metal-to-metal bonding and friction stir welding.  

With extensive experience in TiZr technology we are able to give advice to clients on a project by project basis. The process meets:-

  • JLR specification STJLR.50.5002B - with Gardobond® X 4591

  • Tesla specification TS-0002074 - with Gardobond® X 4707

  • VW/Audi specification TL82428

  • Morgan specification MMC 1.27

  • BMW 97022

Over 35 years expertise 

Powdertech Surface Science is a privately owned company, established in 1984 with the clear aim of providing high quality chemical pre-treatment, powder coating and bonding services to deliver solutions for niche market sectors. 

Our company philosophy is to focus on niche market sectors and product types, with services delivered by motivated employees, and to maintain a clear commitment to monitor and improve our people, production methods, technical processes and customer service.

Over the years we have proved that trust earned through commitment leads to long standing client relationships. 


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