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Prima is an electronic manufacturing company providing a full suite of services encompassing every key aspect of the electronics manufacturing process. These include design, surface-mount assembly, through-hole assembly, automated optical inspection (AOI), X-ray inspection, box build, functional test and logistics, as well as repair and rework services. Thanks to our highly-skilled, long-serving workforce, unmatched levels of support and quality of service are always assured. 

Working closely with customers, Prima’s experienced technical team can take projects from the initial development phases and rapidly move them into volume production. Through its superior engineering credentials and stringent test/inspection procedures, the company is able to deliver right first time products, no matter what the level of complexity. It has full ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (medical) accreditation.

Since August 2018, Prima has been part of Russel Industries, whose vision is to create a group of world class UK engineering and manufacturing organisations aligned with the Mittelstand business model. The characteristics of a Mittelstand business are: long-term focus, investment in the workforce, flexibility, nimbleness, continuous improvement, lean hierarchies, collaboration, innovation, customer focus, social responsibility and strong geographic ties.

To take advantage of our supply chain, assembly, test and logistics expertise and experience, please get in touch now:

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