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Welcome to our stand! During this virtual expo, we'd like to take some time to explain to you what it's like working for a small scale manufacturer and what perceptions need to be broken in order to help you progress quickly in your new manufacturing career if you choose to start with a smaller firm.

A bit about us:

Whether we work with you on a business-to-business basis or a business-to-client basis, Yorkshire Profiles offer our specialist laser cutting and fabrication services to a wide range of industries. We always make sure that we provide the highest possible quality, no matter how big or how small the job. Being ISO9001 registered, you can rest assured we take the standard of our service very seriously.

Our highly technological cutting service promises to deliver results of excellent quality, each and every time. The advanced technology involved in our set-up means that it’s not only unbelievably accurate, but that your items will also be completed at a rapid rate too. For this reason, we are able to offer our competitive prices without compromising on quality – making us one of the leading laser cutting and metal fabrication companies, not only locally, but throughout the whole United Kingdom.


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