A Day in the Life of a PROCARE Service Engineer

A Day in the Life of a PROCARE Service Engineer

A Day in the Life of a PROCARE Service Engineer


As a PROCARE Service Engineer, Simon Cook is responsible for providing customers with Pennine Lubricants’ PROCARE Fluid Management service.  

Simon visits customers regularly to complete a series of checks and tests to make sure that they are meeting HSE recommendations and have adequate reporting to evidence that they are in control of their coolant. This routine monitoring is vital for helping to minimize the risks posed to machine operatives. 

Once Simon has arrived with the required PPE and completed any necessary paperwork, he will typically consult with the Machine Shop Manager regarding any issues that have occurred since his last visit.

A day in the life of a PROCARE Service Engineer then starts by conducting microbiological dipslide tests at each machine and labelling them, ready for incubation back at the laboratory. This dipslide testing checks for bacteria & fungal growth. 

Simon will use a refractometer to check dilution levels and pH sticks to record the coolants pH level and record these on a chart - this is then clearly visible to all operatives at each machine.

If any remedial actions are required then Simon will aim to complete these whilst onsite. Sometimes tramp oil will need to be removed using a PROCARE C-Thru Tramp Oil Separator or soluble oil dosers need to be recalibrated. Results from onsite tests are then discussed with the Shop Floor Manager or relevant personnel 

By the afternoon, Simon is in the lab to check on dipslides taken 48 and 72 hours ago, before recording these results. Dipslides incubated for 48 hours will be checked for bacteria, and then incubated for a further 24 hours to check for yeasts and moulds. 

Simon also carries out machine shop audits with new customers, including noting the machine types and the sump size. This information helps the company to accurately dose with system cleaner prior to the machine clean. It also helps to dose any other additives that may be used as part of the PROCARE service. 

Simon will end the day with some important paperwork; such as completing a PROCARE Machine Clean form which informs the engineer of various considerations, to be fed back to the Technical Sales Manager, who will be involved in the machine clean. All this information will help keep downtime to a minimum. 

A machine can normally be back up and running in around 2 hours. This responsibility is of paramount importance to Pennine Lubricants’ customers, as they don't want their production to be affected!