Building a Trade Network, Apprenticeships & Automa...

Building a Trade Network, Apprenticeships & Automa...

Building a Trade Network, Apprenticeships & Automa...

At a Virtual Breakfast Morning held on Wednesday 22nd March 2023 for members of Made in Group, three business leaders within UK industry shared their inspiring stories with attendees.

Virtual Breakfast Mornings are networking and best practice sharing events, exclusively for members of Made in the Midlands and Made in Yorkshire. Attendees have the chance to learn best practice from 3 hosting speakers, followed by a 30-minute round table discussion on relevant topics.

The speakers for this event were 3 business leaders at leading firms: David Green (Managing Director at Handling Concepts), Carl Hollier Managing Director at Industrial Washing Machines, Paul Stockhill Managing Director at Agemaspark.

David Green, Managing Director at Handling Concepts, had a talk on Automation Transformation. David spoke about how to assess if your factory may or may not be suitable for automation of your goods movements and the best practice for planning an introduction of automation. David also covered which goods movement methods both automated and non automated are best suited to a selection of industrial environments.

Carl Hollier, Managing Director at Industrial Washing Machines, discussed Building a Successful International Trade Network. As Queen's award Winners for International Trade, Industrial Washing Machine is the perfect company to discuss how to build a successful global trade network. Carl shared sharing the company’s best practices on how to successfully make connections across multiple countries by focusing on opportunity.

Paul Stockhill, Managing Director at Agemaspark, then spoke about Apprenticeships and Recruitment. He shared Agemasparks targets of engaging with education, as well as recruiting and growing their own apprentices. The reason Paul decided grow his own specialised work force was that there was no experienced people out in the market place that were suitable. 

You can find all of the talks below and discover a wide array of stories of success, innovative best practice and more by visiting Made U. Made U - short for Made University - is your home for best practice talks from the manufacturing community and expert masterclasses to help you expertly network, market and sell your brand.