From the schoolroom to the Boardroom (TWP)

From the schoolroom to the Boardroom (TWP)

From the schoolroom to the Boardroom (TWP)

TWP Manufacturing is one of the leading manufacturers in the UK, with the most diverse range of products, has always championed apprenticeships and provides young people with the opportunity to get their teeth into manufacturing.  

Having been established over 25 years, TWP has seen over 15 young people join, stay, leave and move on to other opportunities within the business. This is a proud badge to wear for the business as it has given some great companies some fantastic employees. 

One of the company’s most successful apprentices started 24 years ago from Dudley college. He still currently works with the company and is now Works Manager.

Phil Stanley, Managing Director at TWP said:

“Having completed his NVQ Level 3, it was always obvious to me that the potential for this young person was able to be utilized a lot further in other areas of the business. This only came about because of his determination to succeed, his ethic to work, his  willingness to learn and take directions and also to be a team player within the company.”

His role is now supporting the office staff on the MRP system, continuous improvement in quality,  organizing production on the shop floor in the press shop, CNC shop, welding shop, fabrication shop as well as now, the tool room.  This shows a shining example of how anyone can make a difference in an SME and become one of the key players within the business. 

Phil concluded: 

“My advice to anyone getting into the industry is to keep talking to your employer as 9 times out of 10 we have been there and done it and followed the same struggles. We understand it can be tiring and hard to get up some mornings but take on every challenge and for every task, you are given, no matter how big or small, endeavour to do it to the best of your ability. If you are unclear about what you have been asked to  do, it is better to ask a few times and get it clear in your head from the start until you are sure you know what to do.”

“The world of manufacturing is one of the most advanced and dynamic areas of industry, with so many new technologies and diverse areas for people to go into. This has to be one of the most exciting times  to get involved in manufacturing companies.” 

Made Futures was created to encourage people to get jobs in manufacturing, in support of those who have lost their jobs over the course of the 2020 pandemic. There's still time to sign up and be part of the exhibition by registering here.