Inspiring the next generation of Manufacturing Tal...

Inspiring the next generation of Manufacturing Tal...

Inspiring the next generation of Manufacturing Tal...

E3 Recruitment is a proud sponsor of  Leeds Manufacturing Festival, an annual initiative organized by the Leeds Manufacturing Alliance. The festival aims to showcase the innovative technology, skills, and talents that are prevalent in the region, and to inspire young people to pursue careers in manufacturing.

Starting on the 22nd of February, Leeds Manufacturing Festival will continue through spring to July 2023. The festival boasts numerous events, including manufacturing “treks,” live career panels, and an awards ceremony that acknowledges outstanding accomplishments by young people in the industry.

Leeds Manufacturing Festival organisers work in close collaboration with schools, colleges, and universities to develop programs and activities that provide well-needed education about manufacturing careers. The festival aims to facilitate connections between young people and manufacturing and engineering firms, which can potentially result in new employment opportunities and build a pipeline of future talent.

Matthew Booth, business manager at E3 Recruitment, said: “There’s been a 34% drop in manufacturing and engineering apprenticeship starts in the last couple of years, and we also face the growing skills gap which is affecting over 85% of businesses across the UK. The industry is in dire need of new talent, and in need of fresh perspectives and skills that younger generations can bring.

“Manufacturing is such a diverse and innovative space. The opportunities are endless and we find that most young people just aren’t aware of the different roles available that would suit their skillset. It’s an absolute pleasure to be working with Leeds Manufacturing Festival again, and working together to bridge the skills gap.”

The manufacturing industry has a critical role to play in the economic growth of the UK. However, there is a significant skills gap in the industry, which has been a long-standing issue for manufacturers. With the increasing demand for new technologies, automation, and digitalisation, the industry needs a highly skilled workforce to remain competitive.

By promoting the diverse range of career opportunities available in the industry, the festival is helping to address the skills gap and attract new talent to the sector. E3 Recruitment’s sponsorship is an important contribution to this effort and reflects our commitment to promoting the success of the manufacturing and engineering sector in Leeds.

In addition to E3 Recruitment, the Leeds Manufacturing Festival has garnered support from Leeds City College and Next Gen Makers, the latter of which provides manufacturing and engineering apprenticeships. With these significant partnerships, the festival is set to feature an exciting and diverse range of events, showcasing over 1,800 manufacturing businesses from across Leeds.

Ben Wilson, interim festival chair and director of Leeds-based glass-reinforced plastic moulds manufacturer MPM said: “The backing of our sponsors is vital to ensuring we reach as many young people as possible and show them just what excellent job opportunities and diverse career paths the manufacturing industry can offer them.

“Technical and practical skills are essential to the future of the sector, and of the UK economy. They are currently in short supply so students will see that equipping themselves with these vital skills at an early stage will make them highly employable when they come to start a career.”

In the coming months, we’ll be sharing news and activities of the Leeds Manufacturing Festival, and the actions we’re taking to bridge the skills gap and attract the next generation of talent into our exciting and growing industries. Through their efforts, they hope to inspire a new generation of innovators and manufacturers who will help drive the industry’s growth and competitiveness.