Made in Group appoints technical director

Made in Group appoints technical director

Made in Group appoints technical director

The Made in Group welcomes Chan Dhillon to the board of the Made in Group with the newly created non statutory technical director.

Chan has worked on the Made platform since its inception and has more than 10 years experience helping the business innovate and differentiate itself between other associations.

The Made in Group is a community and also a technology business, with thousands of lines of code and nearly one million unique visitors its a major traffic conduit for British industry.

Chan is also the director and founder of Kalexiko in Birmingham, a digital web agency that specialises in bespoke and complex programming. 

After studying Computer Science  at the University of Leicester, Chan has gone on to create his own successful business and worked with some of the UK’s most talented companies.

Chan said, “I am delighted to help the Made in Group develop and enhance their technical capabilities and advise the board and help navigate the opportunities of digital transformation.”

Jason Pitt said, “Chan is one of our long standing suppliers of more than 10 years and we have a great working relationship, there are plenty of idea flowing and there are very few people in the UK that can do what Chan and Kalexiko can do.”

Jason added, “People don’t realise how powerful the Made platform is, we have generated thousands of enquiries organically. The platform itself is based on the idea of a network of websites that are all connected. So each member has their own website that when they login to they can message, follow, search and publish. If used properly the system will be 10x more effective than an SEO company offer and potentially an alternative to linkedin.

We are now working on strengthening and developing the MadeAds module which enables members to advertise on other member sites based on what they buy or sell, this is a powerful alternative to googleAds in our niche.