Manufacturing and Engineering Apprenticeships 2023...

Manufacturing and Engineering Apprenticeships 2023...

Manufacturing and Engineering Apprenticeships 2023...

Manufacturing & Engineering Apprenticeships: Be the change for tomorrow

This week we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2023! As part of the week, E3 Recruitment will be exhibiting at Leeds Apprenticeship Recruitment Fair in partnership with Leeds Manufacturing Festival. Our team will be speaking with over 6000 young people aged 15-16, parents and Careers Advisors to inspire and connect the next generation of talented individuals to careers in manufacturing and engineering!

So, what does an apprenticeship in manufacturing or engineering look like? We’ve rounded up the key facts for future apprenticeships and parents to make the process of choosing an apprenticeship seamless.

Apprenticeships and who they’re for

Apprenticeships are for those aged 16 and over, who aren’t in full-time education and want to blend academic learning with practical experience. An apprenticeship is ideal for anyone who wants to gain hands-on experience and gain job-specific skills whilst working alongside experienced staff. Training may be delivered at your place of work, college or a training provider online.

Apprenticeships in Manufacturing & Engineering

A career in engineering and manufacturing offers a lifetime of continuous development, the opportunity to be part of cutting-edge innovations and to be at the forefront of the UK’s biggest industries.

With limitless career options across the chemical, pharmaceutical, food & drink, FMCG, construction materials, automotive, aerospace, and countless more sectors, securing an apprenticeship in an engineering or manufacturing discipline provides you with the skills and knowledge to have a successful and exciting career.

Manufacturing Industry Stats

  • £183 billion of output from the UK manufacturing sector
  • 2.5 million jobs provided by UK manufacturing
  • 12% higher wages than the whole economy
  • 51% of the UK’s total exports are goods
  • 64% of all UK business research & development
  • 15% of total UK Business


Apprenticeship levels and what they mean

There are four different apprenticeship levels, which are available across all industries including engineering and manufacturing.

Intermediate Apprenticeships

These courses lead to a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Level 2, a certificate in Functional Skills (maths, English and ICT) and, in some cases, a relevant knowledge-based qualification (e.g. BTEC). An NVQ Level 2 is equivalent to 5 GCSEs (9-4).

Advanced Apprenticeships

These courses lead to an NVQ Level 3, a certificate in Functional Skills (maths, English and ICT) and, in some cases, a relevant knowledge-based qualification (e.g. BTEC). An NVQ Level 3 is equivalent to two A Levels.

Higher Apprenticeships

These courses lead to an NVQ Level 4 and, in some cases, a relevant Higher National Certificate, Higher National Diploma or Foundation Degree. The HND and Foundation Degrees are equivalent to the first two years of a degree programme.

Degree apprenticeships

These courses lead to a level 6/7 qualification such as a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

How do Apprenticeships work?

Most of the time, an apprentice will be just like another member of the team, working and learning ‘on the job’. But at least 20% of their paid time will be dedicated to off-the-job learning – advancing their knowledge and giving them skills, they can bring back to the workplace.

What is off-the-job learning?

This can be delivered at the apprentice’s normal place of work as long as it is not part of their normal working duties. This may be delivered via:

  • Distance learning - a study conducted online through video lectures, online learning etc.)
  • Blended learning - the combination of different learning methods, such as face-to-face and online learning
  • Block release - an extended period of study either at the beginning or part-way through training.

The specific way training is delivered is up to the apprentice, employer, and training provider to discuss and agree on – making them flexible.

The rest of the Apprentice’s time will be spent at work learning the role and putting into practice everything they learn – all supported and nurtured by their workplace mentor.

How much do apprentices earn?

An apprentice receives an apprentice wage and puts in at least 30 hours each week. Depending on your age and how far along in your apprenticeship you are, this pay varies. You might be paid the National Minimum Wage, depending on several variables. The apprentices' hourly salaries and ages are listed below:

  • apprentices aged under 19 receive wages of £4.30
  • apprentices aged 19 and over and in the first year of their apprenticeship receive wages of £4.30
  • apprentices aged 19-20 and past the first year of their apprenticeship receive wages equivalent to the National Minimum Wage of £6.56
  • apprentices aged 21-22 and past the first year of their apprenticeship receive wages equivalent to the National Minimum Wage of £8.36
  • apprentices aged 23 and above and past the first year of their apprenticeship receive wages equivalent to the National Minimum Wage of £8.91

What are the average apprentice wages across the manufacturing and engineering industries?

The UK Manufacturing industry is a multi-billion-pound industry. With a real need to secure more talent across all sectors, you can typically find higher-paying apprenticeships across most sectors. We’ve listed below the average annual salary an apprentice can expect across the different UK Sectors:

  • Aerospace - £19,000+
  • Automotive & Fleet - £17,000+
  • Construction: £23,000+
  • Chemical – £18,000+
  • Energy & Utilities - £22,000+
  • Food & Drink - £20,000+
  • FMCG – £18,000+
  • General Manufacturing - £19,000+
  • Pharmaceutical – £18,000+

Types of apprenticeships across the different UK Sectors

With so many disciplines available to choose from, we’ve compiled a list of the top apprenticeships across each sector so you have a full overview of what you can choose from.

  • Radio Access Optimisation Apprentice
  • Apprentice Technician (Materials and Manufacturing)
  • Apprentice Technician (Electrification and Propulsion)
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology Degree Apprenticeship.
  • Manufacturing Apprenticeship.
  • Apprentice Mechanic.
  • Aerospace Ground Equipment Mechanic
Automotive & Fleet
  • Vehicle Technician.
  • Motor Vehicle Technician.
  • Commercial Vehicle Painter.
  • Motor Vehicle Technician Apprentice.
  • AGE-GSE Mechanic Shift Lead
  • Apprentice Vehicle Technician.
Construction Materials
  • Construction Building
  • Construction Civil Engineering.
  • Construction Specialist.
  • Domestic Heating.
  • Heating and Ventilation.
  • Plumbing and Heating.
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.
  • Chemistry Apprentice
  • Chemical Engineering Degree Apprenticeship
  • Laboratory Science (Chemistry) Degree Apprenticeship
  • Laboratory Scientist - Biopharmaceutical Development
  • Materials Science Degree Apprentice
  • Laboratory Science Apprentice
  • Apprentice Laboratory Scientist
Energy & Utilities
  • Engineering Technician Apprenticeship
  • Automation & Control Engineering Degree Apprenticeship
  • Field Service Engineering Apprenticeship
  • Apprentice Quantity Surveyor
  • Onshore Wind Turbine Apprentice
  • Wind Turbine Technician Apprenticeship
Food & Drink
  • Food & Drink Process Operator
  • Advanced Baker Apprenticeship
  • Food & Drink Maintenance Engineering Apprentice
  • Food Technologist Apprenticeship
  • Improvement Technician Apprenticeship
  • Advanced Dairy Technologist Apprenticeship
  • Food & Drink Engineering Apprenticeship
  • Packaging Technician Apprenticeship
  • Supply Chain Management Apprenticeship
  • Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship
  • Supply Chain Practitioner Apprenticeship
  • Stores Apprenticeship
  • Packaging Professional Apprenticeship
General Manufacturing
  • Multi-Skilled Manufacturing Apprenticeship
  • Maintenance Operative Apprenticeship
  • Manufacturing Engineering Apprenticeship
  • Design Engineer Apprenticeship
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Operative Apprenticeship
  • Laboratory Scientist Degree Apprenticeships
  • Safety, Health and Environment Apprenticeships
  • Science Manufacturing Apprenticeships
  • Drug Discovery Apprenticeships

E3 Recruitment is proud to sponsor several initiatives that promote the manufacturing and engineering industries as excellent places of work. In 2023, we are proud to be the main sponsor for Leeds Manufacturing Festival, Leeds Apprenticeship Recruitment Fair, the Next Gen Awards 'Future Manufacturing Leader' award, Get up to Speed with Stem Exhibitors, and partners of industry associations Make UK and Made in Group. We're passionate about bridging the skills gap in manufacturing and are always open to conversations on how we can help.