Helping Manufacturers with their Retention and Recruitment Challenges

Helping Manufacturers with their Retention and Recruitment Challenges

Helping Manufacturers with their Retention and Recruitment Challenges

With over 39,232 recruitment agencies in the UK and 82% of companies using their services, it’s no surprise that manufacturers are being bogged down by unnecessary fees when it comes to employing someone new. On top of that more and more buisnesses are reporting their challenges around retention and recruitment due to recruiters head hunting and employees looking for more felxible working. 

The Made Futures Jobs platform from the Made in Group is still changing the way manufacturers recruit. A platform dedicated to aspiring engineers and related professionals, Made Futures is helping manufacturers, especially SMEs, recruit talent for free. 

When companies recruit through agencies, they tend to have little to no contact with the potential new recruits. This makes it difficult for employers to judge whether they are a good fit for the advertised job. The Made Futures jobs platform, created by the trade association the Made in Group, has 1000+ manufacturing professionals and aspiring professionals signed up to the jobs board. This is allowing industry leaders to connect directly with potential candidates without having to pay hefty fees. 

Member of the Made in Group Threewaypressings, pressings, molding, and assemblies manufacturer based in Tipton,  recruited two of their press operators through the platform. Managing Director Phil Stanley said:

“It has been great to be able to talk directly with potential candidates, as the Made Futures project targeted those looking for manufacturing roles and therefore around 78 people applied for the jobs. We would have never seen this many applicants if we had gone down the usual route with a recruitment agency and we have managed to save thousands by utilising Made Futures instead.”

Members of the Made in Group can log in to the Made jobs board and upload job vacancies with a click of a button. From here they can track their vacancies, connect with potential employees and be in control of the recruitment process. 

With memberships starting from £199 a month, manufacturers could be saving thousands of pounds by signing up with the Made in Group to access the Made Futures platform. As a trade association championing the UK manufacturing sector through innovative digital solutions, a membership with the Made in Group also offers opportunities for networking events, marketing, and exhibitions. 

Are you already a member of the Made in Group? Find out how to publish job vacancies to your microsite and the Made FUtures job platform here: