Midlands-based engineering firm commits to improvi...

Midlands-based engineering firm commits to improvi...

Midlands-based engineering firm commits to improvi...

Multidisciplinary engineering firm adi Group has embarked upon a huge recruitment drive amid the widening STEM skills gap, on a mission to diversify its workforce as well as employ talented individuals who uphold its responsible business values.

Thousands of engineering positions in the UK remain to be filled as the demand for highly skilled engineers far exceeds the supply of such workers, and adi is keen to close this gap whilst encouraging a workforce full of culture and diversity.

The Birmingham-based company is currently recruiting for a variety of engineer, manager, director and apprentice roles for a number of its divisions.

Whilst the firm is eager to find the right individual for the job, it is also passionate about providing opportunities for women and diverse groups.

A recent study has shown that around 70% of women don’t feel comfortable pursuing an engineering career due to lack of representation – this is but one of many others of its kind, evidencing the strong need for change.

Alan Lusty, CEO of the Group, explains that while traditionally, the engineering industry has been dominated by white males, adi is keen to be one of the pioneers leading change within it.

“There is no reason for engineering to be continually headed up and dominated by men or those from a specific racial demographic. We’re aware of the widening STEM skills gap and are truly passionate about being able to help close this by creating further opportunities for both females and those within under-represented communities,” he said.

“We currently employ individuals of are female employees – however, we strive to continuously improve these figures to make an even larger positive impact when it comes to representation within the industry, especially in engineering roles.”

Proving its dedication, adi Group has a Responsible Business Committee, with one of its focuses being on the likes of diversity and inclusion, including improving gender balance, LGBTQ+ inclusion and ethnic diversity within the Group.

“Change, of course, must begin internally, which is why our committee works with our employees to raise awareness of the difficulties those within the industry face and how we can support them,” says Alan.

The firm continuously seeks to improve its recruitment processes and policies to fully incorporate these values, and The Group’s newly appointed HR Manager, Ellie Brady, will work to propel the Group’s recruitment strategy to new heights.

“I am incredibly passionate about driving change within the engineering industry. As a woman who’s been working in engineering for over 8 years, I am committed to challenging the status quo, and pave the way for women who are considering becoming engineers.

“Recruitment, talent management, employee relations and engagement all play a huge role in shaping a business’ social responsibility, and I am thrilled to have joined a company with such strong responsible business policies and values already in place,” says Ellie.

Aside from her day-to-day HR duties, Ellie will also contribute to the Group’s ‘Our People’ Continuous Improvement Programmes, taking an active role in continuing to develop its engagement, retention and recruitment strategies to nourish an environment where employees truly feel valued.

The entire multidisciplinary adi Group and its actions come as part of its plan to embed culture within the wider industry, as well as to celebrate the richness that diversity brings, and look forward to continuing to build a thriving workforce where diversity and inclusion are not just an afterthought.

To learn more about the roles currently available at adi Group and what a career in engineering entails, please visit: https://www.adiltd.co.uk/careers