Powdertech's latest investments drive technical ex...

Powdertech's latest investments drive technical ex...

Powdertech's latest investments drive technical ex...

Powdertech Surface Science are proving themselves as leaders in the powder coating industry after making investments into cutting edge equipment and top-tier experts. Made in the Midlands spoke with Powdertech Marketing and Sales Manager Jimmy Phillips who discusses the developments and innovations driving the business forward in order to deliver high-quality, especially in areas requiring technical finesse.

Based in Bicester, Powdertech are celebrating their 40th year of business this year and position themselves as “The most technically advanced aluminium powder coating and surface treatment provider in the UK”. From automotive to medical equipment, the firm supplies premium chemical pre-treatment, powder coating and bonding services to a variety of niche market sectors. 

Specialising in challenging powder coating tasks, the company focuses on precision and excellence  by building a clear understanding of their customer’s requirements during preproduction consultation. Their investments extend beyond physical infrastructure to include a dedicated engineering team and a technical manager, Dr Nick Welton, with a PhD in polymer chemistry.

The company's commitment to technical prowess is evident in their investment in "INTRICOAT," a specialised facility designed for intricate coating processes. Led by Ian Manning, formerly of Triumph Motorcycles, this facility combines a laboratory-like environment with bespoke masking schemes tailored to each project's unique requirements.

(Ian Manning, Engineering Manager at Powdertech) 

Powdertech's technical expertise isn't confined to their physical facilities. Dr. Nick Welton, their technical manager, brings a wealth of experience in surface treatments and chemistry, enabling them to participate in cutting-edge research projects. Their recent involvement in the "ALIVE" project, alongside automotive giants like BMW and Volvo, underscores their reputation as leaders in surface treatment and powder coating expertise.

(Dr Nick Welton, Technical Director at Powdertech) 

In addition to human expertise, Powdertech has embraced automation and digital advancements. Jimmy Phillips, Marketing and Sales Manager, said: “We’ve invested in robotic technology to enhance consistency and quality in coating processes, significantly improving reliability and lead times for our customers. The quality control lab boasts state-of-the-art XRF and Instron equipment for testing metal cleanliness and bonding strength.” The latest developments are proving that the company is setting new standards for quality assurance in the industry.

Whilst their focus on electric vehicles (EVs) is evident, Powdertech’s ambitions extend beyond this sector. They aim to be the most technically advanced powder coater in the UK, leveraging their automotive and EV expertise to penetrate aerospace, defence, and medical device industries more frequently.

Looking ahead, Powdertech sees their investments and innovations as a springboard for future growth. They invite businesses facing challenging coating tasks to engage with their team, confident in their ability to deliver industry-leading solutions.

Find out more about Powdertech by heading to their microsite https://powdertechsurfacescience.madeinthemidlands.com/

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