Ramfoam creates over 500 jobs in 2020 and plans to continue recruiting

Ramfoam creates over 500 jobs in 2020 and plans to continue recruiting

Ramfoam creates over 500 jobs in 2020 and plans to continue recruiting

Ramfoam, one of the UK’s leading manufacturer, converter and supplier of closed-cell polyethene and open-cell polyurethane foam, managed to create over 500 jobs within their business last year after securing a deal with the NHS to produce face visors. The company also has plans to recruit more staff in 2021 including a Marketing Executive. 

Back in April 2020 Ramfoam, with help from Made in the Midlands, found the opportunity to innovate by producing much-needed face visors for NHS frontline workers. Ramfoam decided that it made sense to create a superior product that could be produced easily in high volume using the least number of components.  

As a result, the firm came up with a unique, premium lightweight, reusable and comfortable seal-fit headband to which a film visor could be easily attached.  Most importantly, unlike other face visors, the closed-cell foam used in the Ramfoam Care+ face visor is highly bacterially resistant and hypoallergenic. Tim Mulqueen, Group Sales Director at Ramfoam, said:

“As a direct result of the NHS  contract, we’ve been able to create over 500 new jobs and safeguard in excess of 1000, either directly with Ramfoam or throughout our wider supply chain.”

Ramfoam benefited greatly from already having a highly multi-skilled workforce that had recently taken part in a reskilling process before the Covid-19 hit, which meant that it held a comprehensive skills matrix in-house. 

“When we recruited for the extra jobs created by the NHS contract, as well as the usual qualities of diligence, adaptability and attention to detail, we sought out staff who would have the same level of commitment and dedication as we do,” Tim continues.

In 2021, Ramfoam has plans to continue recruiting enthusiastic employees including a graduate Marketing Executive to implement digital marketing strategies and help the business get up to speed with the world of online advertising. 

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