Recruitment Roundtable Highlights Manufacturers' Retention Challenges and M...

Recruitment Roundtable Highlights Manufacturers' Retention Challenges and M...

Recruitment Roundtable Highlights Manufacturers' Retention Challenges and M...

Made in Group members can get involved in discussion groups to share insights with other manufacturers on current and relevant issues. Made in Group consists of Made in the Midlands and Made in Yorkshire, industry associations hosted on the Made Platform. We are a private digital network for manufacturers and their industry influencers to share experiences.

In the latest Made in Group Virtual Breakfast Morning, multiple business individuals from a variety of sectors took part in a group discussion on recruitment. This included leaders from the Manufacturing sector and professionals from the PR industry, apprentice training academies and leading recruitment agencies, offering an array of different opinions on the topic. 

Participants shared their challenges and ideas around recruitment which drove the following questions/statements to be discussed during the session:

Ideas around how we can improve retention, particularly in manufacturing, to ensure skills within business are maintained

How can businesses build effective brand awareness to attract the right people to recruit?

During the discussion, one participant highlighted a recent survey, from Engage for Success, where various people took part in a questionnaire on ‘why they leave a job role’. It was noted that the top three reasons for employees leaving a workplace are ‘not feeling valued’, ‘lack of opportunity to progress’ and ‘poor communication.’

As for brand awareness for businesses to attract the right recruits, it was agreed that companies can do this by coming up with a clear and concise Employee Value Proposition - helping keep an employee engaged. Other ideas also highlighted the importance of portraying company values, mentoring and a structured onboarding process. 

Members who shared their insights last week included:

Iwona Sobolewska, In-Comm Training Services

Steve Hemming, Fablink

Joanne Munns, Ductec Ltd

Karen Tinkler, Partners Group

James Worthington, MyWorkWear

Adam Bradley, Corrosion Resistant Materials

Matt Booth, E3 Recruitment

James Soden, E3 Recruitment

Louis Van Wyk, Total Control Pro

Yasmin Banner, Made in Group

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