Seamus Bourke is Appointed Director at Frost

Seamus Bourke is Appointed Director at Frost

Seamus Bourke is Appointed Director at Frost

Made in the Midlands member Frost Electroplating has appointed Seamus Bourke FIMF as their newest Director on the board. Having worked for the company for almost 30 years, the position will allow Seamus to be part of the decision making on business strategy with the rest of the board, whilst running a sales team and protecting shareholders interests. 

Joining the company back in 1992, Seamus started out at Frost Electroplating as a Technical Manager. In 2004, he left the company and rejoined again back in 2008 where he was appointed New Business Development Manager. This saw Seamus’ role focus on planning and implementing Frost’s sales process and strategy, accessing new markets and more. 

In his new role of Director Seamus' immediate plans are to try and expand the business they are currently bringing in, specifically in the Electric Vehicle space. Seamus said: “My aim is to look at bringing in new customers with manufacturing plants whilst maintaining and helping existing customers grow.” As for long term plans, Seamus looks to retire within the next six years. The company is actively recruiting to grow and nurture staff in order to find future replacements. 

Eager to get going in his new role as Director, Seamus concluded: “I’m excited to position myself as a Director at Frost, specifically as a trusted advisor to new and existing customers.”

Made in the Midlands wishes Seamus the best of luck in his latest role at Frost and is confident for his success in the future. 

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