Transformation Inside and Out: Malthouse Engineeri...

Transformation Inside and Out: Malthouse Engineeri...

Transformation Inside and Out: Malthouse Engineeri...

In the dynamic world of manufacturing, adaptability and innovation are the keys to success. Malthouse Engineering has exemplified this ethos by recently making substantial investments and enhancements, both within the Oldbury based factory and beyond.

Inside the Factory: Boosting Capacity and Comfort:

Inside the Malthouse factory, several remarkable changes have taken place. One significant addition is the acquisition of a new 100" Lumsden Grinding machine. This not only created a new job opportunity but also boosted production capacity, taking the total count of Lumsden machines to seventeen. This investment underscores Malthouse's commitment to precision engineering.

But it's not just about machines. Malthouse recognises the importance of providing a healthy work environment for its staff. This year, the company has collaborated with an air monitoring company to install a cutting-edge clean air system on the factory shop floor. This innovative system efficiently recycles dirty air, releasing clean, fresh air back into the factory—a move that sets Malthouse apart in its sector.

In addition to air quality, Malthouse Engineering has taken steps to conserve resources. A new drainage system has been installed, allowing for further water recycling through their rainwater harvesting system, a commitment to sustainability that has been ongoing for several years.

Furthermore, the company has revamped its staff facilities, introducing a state-of-the-art canteen. This space provides a modern, comfortable environment for employees to relax during breaks, equipped with everything one would expect in a modern kitchen. As an extra perk, Malthouse now offers complimentary hot and cold drinks, along with a 50" TV for entertainment during break times.

Malthouse Engineering also recognises the importance of investing in the future workforce. An apprentice scheme is set to begin in October 2023, initially within the sales department, with plans to expand it rapidly across other areas of the business.

Outside the Factory, Expansion and Modernisation:

Beyond the factory walls, Malthouse Engineering has been equally ambitious, seizing the opportunity to purchase a neighbouring building, despite its poor condition. Opting to demolish it, the company has used the space to expand its stock yard facilities. This expansion also provides parking space for their new fleet of MAN trucks, acquired earlier this year.

Malthouse Engineering has also transformed previously unusable land into an access road. This access road not only enables easier movement within the factory but also opens up possibilities for changes in production processes and the expansion of workstations, including additional staff parking facilities.

With these expansions, security is paramount. The company has invested in new security fencing and gates, ensuring the safety and protection of their assets. The access road to the stock yard has also been widened and now boasts a new concrete pad, adorned with corporate signage that proudly displays the Malthouse brand.

Future Plans, Continuing the Journey:

As Malthouse Engineering strides into the future, they have ambitious plans in mind. Their commitment to cutting-edge technology includes ongoing upgrades to all their cutting machines. Moreover, they aim to enhance office facilities and further refine the exterior appearance of their building, ensuring that innovation and progress remain at the core of their operations.

Malthouse Engineering's recent investments and improvements are not just a testament to their dedication to excellence but also a harbinger of a bright and innovative future in the world of manufacturing. Their proactive approach to enhancing both the workplace and their production capabilities positions them as a leader in their field.