Why Made Futures Could be the Answer to Your Recruitment Problems

Why Made Futures Could be the Answer to Your Recruitment Problems

Why Made Futures Could be the Answer to Your Recruitment Problems

In a survey taken earlier this year by the Made in Group, 71% of its manufacturing members plan on recruiting over the course of 2021. With recruitment agency fees being between 15 and 20% of the first year salary for a permanent job, Made Futures could be helping you save money when it comes to recruiting. Allowing you to spend this on more important things within the business. 

In March 2021 The Made in Group held a virtual careers exhibition to encourage and inspire people to consider roles in manufacturing. As you may be aware, manufacturing is perceived as a ‘dirty’ working environment. 

Our mission was, and still is, to change how people think about working in manufacturing, promoting the array of job roles available to people in this sector - from Office Administration, Marketing and Finance to Business Development, Design and Engineering. Manufacturing has suffered from an ongoing skills shortage that must be filled for the success of this integral sector in the future. 

However, as well as supporting job seekers looking to progress their role in the manufacturing sector, we wanted to ensure that our members had a place where they could advertise their vacancies for free to thousands of people. 

With restrictions brought on by the pandemic affecting business operations earlier this year, this became a useful tool for our members to connect directly with applicants and speed up the process of recruiting. So far there have been over 280 job applications promoted on the Made Futures platform, with many manufacturers finding successful candidates because it. 

In an article by JJS Manufacturing on the Annual Manufacturing Report 2020, they said: “British manufacturers are facing the largest shortage of skilled workers since 1989, with many citing this as their biggest challenge.” Industry 4.0 is well and truly underway, and for manufacturers they will need to find people with the relevant skills to utilise these new technologies. 

The Made in Group is dedicated to helping businesses find the right people with the right skills. Which is why we work with organisations such as Birmingham City University, South & City College Birmingham, De Montfort University and more to connect businesses with skills graduates and apprentices. With thousands of people signed up to the Made Futures platform with a variation of skills, your next employee could be discovered with a click of a button.

Uploading jobs to the Made Futures platform is easy, click HERE to find out how to publish and promote your vacancies now.