WMG use Internship Programme to support graduates during COVID-19

WMG use Internship Programme to support graduates during COVID-19

WMG use Internship Programme to support graduates during COVID-19

WMG hosts a long-running Internship Programme,  and are increasing the number of internships available The dynamic team based at the University of Warwick aim to find more than 50 graduates meaningful and paid positions in manufacturing companies. Not only will this help companies, but will also equip graduates with employability and knowledge.

WMG already supports more than 400 companies a year with bespoke business challenges. Having listened to business’s needs, WMG’s Internship Programme supplies companies with an extra dedicated resource to help implement changes that improve their business performance. By doing this, they also provide engineering graduates with real-world experience to lead them into long term opportunities in the industry.

While supporting the Made Futures campaign, they are encouraging companies to take on an intern for 8-12 weeks to transform an area of their business and get access to the expert support the WMG supervisors can provide.

Projects are discussed and scoped out between the company and WMG supervisor. Once the project is agreed, WMG advertises the position externally to recruit a dedicated and enthusiastic intern. 

The project is led by the hired student or graduate and supervised by a committed member of WMG’s experienced innovation team. Throughout the project, the intern will have access to WMG’s world-leading facilities and equipment to help complete the required work for the company. 

By the end, the intern will have delivered defined project objectives with clear benefits to all involved. 

The WMG Internship Programme has previously supported Raleigh Coatings, one of the world-leading wound dressing and silicone gel coating manufacturers. Taking on two interns, they’re building on the support they’ve already received from the WMG pre-funded Digital Innovation for Manufacturing (DI4M) Programme. The interns were able to set up cameras and sensors on shop floor machines in order to collect meaningful, accessible, and real-time data on efficiency and productivity.

The 5D Health Protection Group (5DHPG) Ltd is centred on the innovation of new, smart highly effective antimicrobials and surfaces, antibiofilm technologies, and new biomaterials and diagnostics utilising biosensor technology. They participated in the WMG Internship Programme to help them combine their smart next-generation patent-protected antibiofilm complexes into plastics to create anti-biofilm plastic for the use in the first instance in the automotive industry, to help curb the spread of viruses and other microorganisms such as antimicrobial-resistant (AMR) bacteria and fungi. 

Dr Steve Law, Research & Innovation Manager at 5DHPG, commented, “Our intern Manisha was a pleasure to work with, and it was really great to have the support of WMG. We’re looking forward to continuing our trials and getting our product to market.”

Made Futures was created to encourage people to get jobs in manufacturing, in support of those who have lost their jobs over the course of the 2020 pandemic. There's still time to sign up and be part of the exhibition by filling in the form here