Have You Considered a Sales Role in Manufacturing?

Have You Considered a Sales Role in Manufacturing?

Have You Considered a Sales Role in Manufacturing?

The sales force is vital within UK manufacturing for pairing companies up to create vital and often life-changing products, equipment and more.

A sales representative within any industry helps companies sell the products they produce, often in large quantities to wholesalers, other manufacturers, retail store chains and others. This job role is therefore one of the most important investments for a manufacutrer as, ultimately, a talented sales person can be the difference between success and failure for a firm.

Getting into a sales role within manufacturing can be highly rewarding, as it offers the opportunity to often travel and meet a variety of different people. Sales representatives will often need to attend trade shows at which new products and technologies are showcased, such as Backing Britain 3.0. They may also need to attend conferences and conventions to meet other sales representatives and clients, as well as often visiting state-of-the-artpremisses.

These roles require the sales representative to stay alert to new products and the changing needs of their customers - therefore requiring someone who is diligant in their research and passionate about driving the success of the company they work for. We have highlighted 5 various current sales based roles (at the time of writing) which are published on Made Futures below - browse through these to find out more about what is required to work in sales within manufacturing:

New Business Sales Executive - Jenks & Cattell Engineering Limited (Wolverhampton)

Sales Office Assistant - Aalco (Leeds)

Aftermarket Technical Salesperson - Filtermist Systems Limited (Shropshire)

Sales Administrator - E3 Recruitment (Huddersfield)

Compressed Air Sales - Direct Air & Pipework (Coventry)

Since the launch of Made Futures back in 2021, over 300 jobs have now been advertised through the recruitment platform. Made in Group initially launched in an effort to inspire manufacturing as an “Industry of Choice” and also to support UK industry in growing alongside a new generation of skilled workers. Vacancies promoted on madefutures.com are for a wide range of positions, from apprenticeships to management roles, and have been based all around the UK.